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SleepIn for SleepOut

Thank you!
The Lord’s Place has exceeded the SleepIn for SleepOut fundraising goal of $350,000!
We did it – with your help!
Thanks to the challenge match of $300,000 by The Honorable Ann Brown,
The Lord’s Place SleepIn for SleepOut has raised more than $700,000!
Thank you to all of our very generous donors.

Ann has been a part of our world for many years, and is one of our greatest supporters. 
“It doesn’t matter where you sleep – on your couch, in your car, on the floor, or in your yard,” Brown said. 
“What matters is that we dedicate one night to those who never get to sleep in a bed.”
We are so grateful for her continuing friendship, and her endless support of our mission and our clients!



Honorary Family’s SleepIn Plans

Click on the picture to see how the Yansura’s plan to SleepIn this year.

SleepOut 2020 Honorary Family – The Yansura’s

The Lord’s Place announces that the Yansura Family has been selected
as the SleepOut 2020 Honorary Family.

From left: Jeff, Sarah, Cora, Margie

The Lord’s Place is thrilled to announce Margie Yansura and her husband Jeff and daughter and granddaughter Sarah and Cora Cooke as the SleepIn for SleepOut Honorary Family. The Yansuras have participated in SleepOut for all 13 years, including one year when Margie slept in a cardboard box.

“When we came up with the idea of SleepOut 13 years ago, we had no idea if asking people to sleep outside overnight was too radical or if anyone would actually show up,” Margie said. “We knew to get the attention and support of the public to help end the cycle of homelessness in Palm Beach County, it was better to be bold and go big – just like our founder Brother Joe Ranieri did in 1983 by sleeping on the steps of St. Ann Church and then later spending 30 days in a dumpster to jolt our community into the reality that we needed to help the homeless in our community.”

Thirteen years later, Yansura is still involved, as a Public Relations Consultant to The Lord’s Place, volunteer, friend, supporter and one of the biggest advocates for The Lord’s Place you will find.  She has put together countless news conferences, news releases and media pitches, and has always found time to go above and beyond the call of duty.  She is known for her baking, ribbon making and sign creations – anything need to make an event special and to call attention to the most vulnerable people here in Palm Beach County.  She has been instrumental in helping The Lord’s Place raise millions of dollars through SleepOut, and their annual campaigns.

Just as you are invited to do, Margie Yansura and her family will stage their own SleepIn for SleepOut at their home April 3 and continue the tradition of supporting The Lord’s Place.