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When Diana Stanley and The Lord’s Place staff came up with the idea of the first SleepOut 15 years ago, we had no idea if it was too radical or if anyone would actually show up. At the first SleepOut, held at the Meyer Amphitheatre in Downtown West Palm Beach in February 2007, about 100 people came for the program and about 60 of us slept outside overnight. In the ensuing years SleepOut has grown to become the signature event of The Lord's Place, bringing people from all walks of life to spend one night in league with out brothers and sisters - and families - who do not have a home. The biggest impact on me every morning after each of the 14 SleepOuts I have participated in which now draw more than 600 participants – I get to go home and go to sleep in my nice house and comfortable bed while those who are homeless have to worry every night where to sleep, how they will eat, and whether they will be safe. Whatever life had dealt us that led to him sleeping on the street and me sleeping in my bed didn’t matter. We are all people – all part of this community – and it is up to each of us to watch out for our brothers and sisters – and children – who need our help. That’s what SleepOut means to me. I hope you will join us in supporting The Lord's Place by donating to our SleepOut Team. We have slept outside overnight each year for 14 years. Thank you for your support!





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