SleepIn for SleepOut


The SleepIn for SleepOut kits are now coming virtually to your home!
Due to COVID-19 we will be distributing the official T-shirt and kit after it is deemed safe.
In the meantime, click here to learn about how this event has gone virtual!

SleepIn for SleepOut 2020 – at your own home!

Watch the SleepIn for SleepOut program online April 3 at 7 p.m. right here!

Due to the Coronavirus, SleepOut 2020 has been changed to SleepIn for SleepOut – an event in your own home. Here’s how you can participate, to stay safe and healthy while still helping The Lord’s Place help the most vulnerable in our community who are living on the streets.
What you can do now:

·     Register your team at

·     Encourage friends, neighbors and colleagues to support your team through a tax-deductible donation to The Lord’s Place.

On Friday, April 3:

·     Stage a SleepIn in your own home by sleeping outside in your backyard or in a blanket tent or sleeping bags on your living room floor.

·     Use the online resources provided here to select a movie to watch or books to read with your children, and suggested topics to guide your discussion on homelessness and what you can do to help.

·     At 7 p.m. sharp, come page to this page and watch the SleepIn for SleepOut program video, filled with hopeful and successful stories of those who have been helped by The Lord’s Place, inspiring messages and songs, ending with a candlelight ceremony.  You can light your own candle as you participate in your home.

·     Participate in the SleepIn for SleepOut Facebook Live Watch Party – join others and give us your comments. Click here for info on Facebook

·     Post photos of your SleepIn for SleepOut to social media, using the hashtags #TLPsleepinforsleepout; #TLPsleepin; #TLPsleepout; and #endinghomelessness.

Now more than ever, The Lord’s Place needs to meet its
SleepIn for SleepOut fundraising goal of $350,000. 
We can do it – with your help!  
Thank you to The Honorable Ann Brown
who has made a challenge pledge of matching all donations up to $300,000.
The agency’s 1,900 clients are in great need living on the street, and 250 men, women and children now live in supportive housing in our six campuses.  Our dedicated staff of 150 continue to serve clients with life-changing programs and services, while practicing the safety measures put forth by experts in the field.

Ann has been a part of our world for many years, and is one of our greatest supporters. 
“It doesn’t matter where you sleep – on your couch, in your car, on the floor, or in your yard,” Brown said. 
“What matters is that we dedicate one night to those who never get to sleep in a bed.”
We are so grateful for her continuing friendship, and her endless support of our mission and our clients!

Event Info

Date:  Friday, April 3, 2020
  • 6 p.m.Prepare a nice dinner with your family and/or friends and afterwards open the SleepIn for SleepOut”7 p.m. Put on your “SleepIn for SleepOut” t-shirt and take a selfie using one of our SleepOut frames! Post to your Facebook or Instagram and tag The Lord’s Place. We will share all the photos we are tagged in! Settle in to watch our special virtual program with the popcorn that was sent in your kit.
  • 7:30 p.m. Open the link to the video you were sent by email, and watch our Facebook Page or (other options to watch will be available shortly) and join hundreds of other like-minded advocates in our community as we share this special program dedicated to hope and ending homelessness in our backyard.8 p.m. At the conclusion of the virtual program, light your candle and join in during the candlelight ceremony as we shine a light on ending homelessness.
  • 8:30 p.m. Hopefully, you looked through all the resources sent your way and picked out a special movie to watch tonight. Let us know on Facebook what it was!
  • 11 p.m. Lights Out! Thank you for joining us as you “SleepIn for SleepOut”!
What: The Lord’s Place SleepOut event on Friday, April 3 will happen, but not as originally planned. In concert with community-wide efforts to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, The Lord’s Place will continue to shine a light on homelessness and raise funds for its life changing programs to help those who are homeless by moving SleepOut to the individual homes of each participant. The community is invited to SleepIn at their home in support of SleepOut.


The Lord’s Place wants to ensure that April 3 remains a night dedicated to those who are homeless.  Instead of the public event at which hundreds have slept outside overnight for the past 12 years, the agency will provide “SleepIn for SleepOut Kits.”   Participants are encouraged to set up sleeping bags and tents in their homes or backyard and spend the night focused on the issue of homelessness and how to help those on need.

Everyone who registers will receive a SleepIn for SleepOut kit that includes resources to learn about homelessness, a t-shirt, some treats and a candle to light in solidarity for the nearly 3,000 people affected by homelessness in Palm Beach County.  The agency will also provide a virtual and inspiring program, distributed to participants for viewing during their individual SleepIn via web, email and social media.  Participants are encouraged share their SleepIn for SleepOut stories in real time via social media. #TLPSleepInforSleepOut #TLPSleepIn #TLPSleepOut


You, me and everyone is invited to be a part of this very special virtual program.




Registration is $25 per participant. This includes a special “SleepIn for SleepOut” kit. Registration for kids under 16 is free.

Registration is simple. Visit, and click the SIGN UP button. This will bring you to a page to set up your account. Be sure to fill out all fields. Once you’ve set up your account, you will have the option to REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL, CREATE A TEAM, or JOIN A TEAM. If you attended SleepOut last year, use your login information! We’ll have most of your information saved for you.


Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Registration, Team Creation, Sponsorship and so much more!
Click here to learn, in detail, how to create a team, join a team, become a sponsor and more!

Why is it called SleepIn for SleepOut this year?

In concert with community-wide efforts to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, The Lord’s Place will continue to shine a light on homelessness and raise funds for its life changing programs to help those who are homeless by moving SleepOut to the individual homes of each participant. The community is invited to SleepIn at their home in support of SleepOut – we are calling it SleepIn for SleepOut!

Yes! Your help is needed now more than ever. You can make a donation, join a team, watch the virtual program, and then SleepIn in the comfort of your own bed. We hope you will participate!

How do I get my SleepIn for SleepOut kit?

We will contact everyone who registered starting on March 23rd! You will have the option of going to one of our three Joshua Thrift Stores for pick up, we can deliver, or mail it to you based on your location.  If you register, someone will be contacting you soon for your delivery preference!

What is The Lord’s Place Mission?

The Lord’s Place is dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness by providing innovative, compassionate and effective services to men, women and children in our community. Click here to learn more about it’s mission and history. To read about some life-changing stories, please click here.