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Team Captain of The Sisters



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ABOUT Diana Stanley

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  • Luz L

    “Thank you for all you do!”

  • Mary G

    “So very grateful for all you do!”

  • Daryl H

    “Wishing this the best Sleep Out ever :)!”

  • Stacey A

    “You continue to admire, amaze, and inspire!”

  • Mark M

    “Thank you for all that you do for the most vulnerable in our community. We love you Diana.”

  • Toby D

    “Goooooo SleepOut!!!!”

  • Diane M

    “Wishing you success with this Event”

  • Jan S

    “So amazed and proud of you and this phenomenal organization!!! Submitting a donation in your honor :) Onward and upward….”

  • Janice W

    “Inspired year after year with your dedication to helping others.”