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Team Member of Fund-raise the Roof



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ABOUT Anne Noble

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  • Susan H

    “Be the change you want to see in the world. Thank you for setting this example every day Anne Noble. We love you! The Howard family”

  • Melissa S

    “Hoping for clear skies for you all on the big night! You and your family are amazing and doing great things for our community.”

  • Deborah S

    “Hi Cousins!! Have a great sleep out for the cause. Anne - Use the cot since you are getting old ;)”

  • Catherine B

    “Good luck!”

  • Trisha B

    “Best of luck to you and your Boys Anne!!! I know the 4 of you will be amazing supporters for The Lords Place. Love you.”

  • Donn C

    “Go Team Noble!”

  • Rachel E

    “Love you Nobles!! 😘”

  • Beau S

    “Best of luck Annie - The Standish Family”

  • Tara B

    “Good luck!”

  • Richard C

    “If I joint you I will be at The Brazilian Court!”

  • Jesse V

    “Have fun!”