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Team Captain of Team FPL



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ABOUT Robert Barrett

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  • Karen B

    “On behalf of Florida Power & Light Company”

  • Philip M

    “Best of luck with this important cause, Bob!”

  • Michael P

    “Bob, This is terrific. Living out your faith to help those in need. Mike”

  • Lidya E

    “A great cause to support. God bless you!”

  • Eduardo D

    “Bob, Thanks for your efforts on this cause, it is a great way to highlight the importance of this issue in our communities. Thanks ED”

  • Jonathan B

    “Thank you for all you do to help end homelessness”

  • James M

    “Very happy to support you and The Lord's Place! Great organization and event.”

  • Michele W

    “Your continued dedication to this admirable effort is both inspiring and amazing!”

  • Clare G

    “Hope you have a great time! What a fantastic event.”

  • Mark P

    “Happy to support a great cause”

  • Jennifer D

    “This will benefit so many people in need, thank you for raising awareness and funding!”

  • Carmine P

    “Your commitment is inspiring!Thank you.”

  • Susan M

    “Thank you for your leadership to support this worthy cause!”

  • Wade L

    “This is a great work! Thank you for doing this Bob.”

  • Mark L

    “Awesome Bob ... thanks for leading by example”

  • Keith F

    “Thank you for supporting a great cause!”

  • Brian T

    “Have Fun Bob!”

  • Rosemary M

    “Good luck Bob! Thanks for supporting a wonderful cause.”

  • Mark B

    “What a great cause Bob!”

  • Michael S

    “Go Bob!”

  • Miguel A

    “Thanks you for doing this year after year Bob!!”

  • Bruce G

    “Bob you are making the world a little better place.”

  • Edward G

    “Great job Robert!!”

  • John B

    “Thanks for continuing the work to support this great cause!”

  • Jessica A

    “God is working through you, Bob!”

  • Maria M

    “Thanks for doing the Lord's work, Bob!!”

  • Pam R

    “Good luck Bob and Cheri! You represent all of us at FPL so well!”

  • Heidi K

    “Terrific support for the homeless and food insecure folks in our community!”

  • Jessica J

    “So happy to support this annual cause, Bob! Thank you for continuing the mission to help end homelessness.”

  • Angela C

    “God bless you for doing this every year Bob.”

  • Mark S

    “Great cause, thanks Bob for your time and dedication to this awesome event.”