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Team Captain of All Beds Are Off



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ABOUT Jack Scarola

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  • Steve S

    “So proud of the work you do for those less fortunate.”

  • Donna B

    “God Bless!!”

  • Mara H

    “You are an inspiration.”

  • Christopher S

    “Jan and I are so very happy to assist The Lords Place in its efforts to end homelessness. Thanks Jack, for all you great work.”

  • Brenda F

    “Go Team Scarola!”

  • John H

    “But for the grace of God, go I. No one should have to suffer through homelessness or hunger. Thank you for your untiring efforts to combat this.”

  • Alan R

    “Way to go, Jack!”

  • J. Stanley P

    “A great cause and a great contribution by those who actually show up. Wish I could do the same. Stan”

  • Jack H

    “Thank you Jack and Anita for all that you do!”

  • Wanda P

    “Matthew 25:23. "His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!'”

  • Ilyse P

    “Good luck!!! If I was in Florida I would join in the Sleep Out!!!”

  • William K

    “Bless you for all your efforts on behalf of The Lord's Place.”

  • Pamela R

    “I am sure you will meet your goal Mr. Jack!”

  • Karen T

    “Go Jack!”

  • Marilyn H

    “Hoping you reach your goal!”

  • Baron P

    “Thanks Jack for all you do for the people of our community. You are truly a hero and great humanitarian.”

  • Rhonda M

    “Thank you for all that you and Anita do for this Organization! :O)”

  • James G

    “You make us all proud, Jack!”

  • Nicholas D

    “Best of luck on your journey Jack!!”

  • Jordan D

    “Extremely proud of the work you are doing to end homelessness. Let's Keep fighting!”

  • Laurie B

    “Happy to support you and TLP! Laurie and Jessica”

  • Joan W

    “May this be the best year ever for the Lord\'s Place! art and joan”

  • Donna L

    “Happy to support such great work!”

  • Mariano G

    “Thank you Jack for all you do for the Lord's Place!”

  • Vincent L

    “We are rooting you on for a great cause! - Missy and Vince Leonard”