As SleepOut has evolved over the years, a new component was born out of interest, and grew out of necessity due to the pandemic.  SleepIn is the opportunity to participate in SleepOut in a hybrid or totally virtual way.  Here are some examples of how SleepIn could be right for you!

  1. Join us for the in-person event and go home after the program and candlelight ceremony to SleepIn the comfort of your home or backyard.  Choose a location other than your bed to reflect on what you have learned, and in honor of those who are homeless.

  2. Participate in 1, listed above, but do so with friends.  SleepIn is a fun experience with family, groups, or neighbors.  You can use backyards, tents, sleeping bags, anything to enjoy the experience all while learning about homelessness.

  3. Perhaps you don’t live in Palm Beach County.  You can join us virtually for the live-streamed program via Facebook.  You can also view last year’s program, which was completely virtual, by clicking here.

  4. If you choose to SleepIn, we also have a helpful resource guide, arranged by age groups, to simulate SleepOut and educate participants about homelessness through thought-provoking books, movies and conversation starters.  Click here for the guide.

Lastly, please consider posting a photo or video on social media of your SleepIn with the hashtags #TLPSleepInforSleepOut #TLPSleepOut #TLPSleepIn and challenge your friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors to do the same.  Don’t forget to tag The Lord’s Place. This way, everyone can participate!

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