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ABOUT Family Ties


Donations made directly to Family Ties

$204 Raised


  • Virginia V

    “You are an incredible team that provide invaluable services for those in need! I am honored to be able to participate, even in a small way! With so much admiration!”

  • Tywanda G

    “I hope this helps love”

  • Pheadra M

    “I’m so proud of the work that you and your organization is doing! Love you ❤️”

  • Jill V

    “Good luck Leon!!! Fondly, Jill and Hal”

  • Shameka M

    “You are an amazing person, always trying to help anyone you can...Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you. Shameka”

  • Patrick G

    “Hopefully I made a difference in someone life!”

  • John W

    “Jesus asked us to seek first the kingdom of God and all the things we desire shall be added unto us. My prayer is that we support those less fortunate than we ourselves.”

  • Pamela G

    “Hope this gift add to the success of the sleepover.”

  • Yolonda F

    “Gook luck friend!”

  • Jacquita M

    “God is love..”

  • Lisa C

    “Keep up the great work caring for others.”

  • Jillian Q

    “way to go family ties”

  • Mila R

    “way to go family ties”

  • Mila R

    “way to go family ties”

  • Lakisha F

    “Thank you for all you do to help our homeless!”

  • Emily G

    “Thank you for all you do in our community!”

  • Anita W

    “Bless all with a hand up.”

  • Charlmane B

    “This donation is given with love to support our fellow people in time of need. Best, Chauncey Taylor and Charlmane Bell”

  • Kate K

    “You are amazing! Miss you and everyone else so much!!”

  • Monica K

    “In support of Mrs. Dorothy Graham's Team”

  • Wilma J

    “So proud of you for doing this.”

  • Eboni F

    “I am here to help the best that I can !!!”



  • Sandra B

    “May God continue to bless you in your efforts to fight homelessness.”

  • Tay W

    “Send my love Tutter, Diva, Empress, Gee, Tay.”

  • Tyshia C

    “May God Bless Your Every Endeavor!”

  • Laurie N

    “A family tradition :)”