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ABOUT Volunteer Life!


Donations made directly to Volunteer Life!

$4,247 Raised


  • KenClarisse M

    “We will stand with you in prayers.”

  • Jamie S

    “Thanks Marie and Linda for your support”

  • Joyce R

    “Thank you for your commitment to improving the lives of our unhoused neighbors!”

  • Ellie W

    “Go Carol & Team Volunteer Life! Ellie & Brad”

  • Carol C

    “So my best bud can go with me on Wednesday night! 🎉🎉🎉 You know who you are! 😘”

  • Colleen P

    “Go volunteer life!”

  • Gainor R

    “Keep up the good work, and thank you volunteers!!! Carol you are a great inspiration, and come from a long line of generous women! 4452”

  • David R

    “You are a phenomenal volunteer for The Lord’s Place, Carol! I am so inspired by what you, Colleen, Susan, and others are doing to improve the lives of those most in need”

  • Susan B

    “Go team Carol !”