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ABOUT Fund-raise the Roof


  • Stephanie G

    “Go Anne! So sad to miss Sleep Out this year in person. I know it was great. Grateful for all you do!”

  • Deborah S

    “Happy sleep-out big cousins and little cousins!”

  • Elizabeth I

    “Annie, best wishes on a successful fundraiser. You and the Lord's Place are a blessing to our community..”

  • Darin M

    “God Bless and good luck to all🙏🙏”

  • Sarah A

    “Dear Anne, I'll tag this registration donation to you. Looks like my donation my bump you up two notches on the leaderboard. I have two out-of-town relatives who will be attending SleepOut, Judy Fenton and Jessica Fenton-Kahn. Best, Sarah Alsofrom”

  • Linda T

    “Hoping you will soon be well enough to be back full time at this wonderful organization!”

  • Corrinne F

    “Go Team Fund-raise the Roof!! See you April 6th, Kelcie and crew <3”

  • Barbara G

    “In support of Dennis Freeman for his speedy recovery and for all those he tries to help.”

  • Maureen W

    “Thanks Dennis for doing this.”

  • Patricia B

    “Best of luck with The Sleepout!!! Wishing you, JT, Crosby and Ford a beautiful evening under the Stars!!!”

  • Melissa S

    “Best of luck to you and your beautiful family!”

  • Jesse V

    “Enjoy the sleepout!”