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  • GOAL


ABOUT The Sisters


  • Renee L

    “Diana, thanks for everything you do to support homeless children and families in our community. Your passion and dedication is such an inspiration!”

  • Deborah W

    “You are inspirations”

  • James W


  • Kendra B

    “Love my aunts and mom for donating their time and efforts into such an amazing cause. Keep up the wonderful work and dedication.”

  • Tricia B


  • William P

    “Thanks for all you do to end homelessness!!”

  • Cecilia B

    “Each year Homelessness in Palm Beach County gets Smaller, because the Lord’s Place Care’s!!! I am happy to be part of the brotherhood and the love for one another that the Lord’s Place represents!!!”

  • Nancy S

    “Proud of the sisters!!”

  • Virginia P

    “Love you three! Wish I could be there with guys!!!”

  • Charles K

    “I’ll be with you in spirit.”

  • Lisa A

    “Thank you for what you are doing! You inspire me! Be safe sleeping under the stars!”

  • Rachelle C

    “Go get 'em Gals! You've got this!”

  • Deborah M


  • Colton O

    “Love you aunt Diana,jojo, and Bobbie”

  • Alexa M

    “Go Bobbie! You are an inspiration to so many.”

  • Renee C

    “Love you guys! Renee”

  • Anna P

    “Great cause!”

  • Georgiana D

    “Best of Luck Reaching Your Goal. Your Sister, George”

  • Terry G

    “Joanne, always glad to help you out on this great cause. Terry”

  • Anita S

    “Blessings and gratitude to our favorite band of Sisters! We love you! -- Fr. Andrew, Anita, Susamma, Jacob and Hannah”

  • Nate S

    “You are truly an inspiration. Keep up the AMAZING work Diana Stanley!!!!!”

  • Sherina P

    “May God\\\'s blessing be with you and your team!!!”

  • Jocelyn S

    “Dedicated to Diana, an inspirational leader and mentor! Si se puede!”

  • Lisa S

    “What a great show of support for your community!”

  • Robyn D

    “The volunteers from the St. Laurence Chapel, who assist with the feeding the first Sunday of every month, salute the SISTERS! Way to go, Joanne!!”

  • Nancy B

    “Go girl! Go team! -Jeff & Nancy Bolton”

  • Kim N

    “Wishing you clear cool skies and a thick sleeping bag!”

  • Edward H

    “Best of Luck in reaching your goal!”

  • Edward H

    “Best of Luck in reaching your goal!”

  • Bradley J

    “Engenuity Group, Inc. is proud to support 'The Sisters' Team to fight homelessness in Palm Beach County through the efforts of The Lord's Place!”

  • Lisa A

    “Joanne, you are an amazing person and a supportive friend! Thank you for everything you and your sisters do to help make our communities stronger!”

  • Karla S

    “Go Girl!!! So proud of what you are doing for your community.”

  • Josh K

    “I'm happy to support such a good cause. Our homeless brothers and sisters are often forgotten by those with the means to contribute, but they are our fellow Americans and in many ways deserve our help first. God bless you for not only donating money but for engaging with a great cause.”

  • Christine L

    “You Go Girl.”

  • Patricia S

    “We pray for you a wonderful turn out & support. I’m so proud of your accomplishments with your vision. Wish we could be there but taking Mothers remains to Arlington Cemetary that long weekend. We hope to be there next year! Have a GREAT EVENT!! Your Other Sister with Love, Patti & Gary”

  • Joanne D

    “once again for The Sisters and all of the other dedicated staff at TLP including my dear friends Liz Vogele and Clayton Vogele who work hard to light the way for others. My first donation fell short somehow. God Bless”

  • Joanne D

    “For \"The Sisters\" Team and for everyone at TLP including my dear friends Liz Vogele and Clayton Vogele who continually do their part to lift up those who need a hand---as we all should . God Bless”

  • Patricia J

    “Wishing you a fun and sleepless night! much love, Pat Jordan & Walter Jones Jr”

  • Robert O

    “Go Stanley sisters ...... sleep is overrated Good luck Bob & Lilia Oden”