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  • GOAL


ABOUT Yes Chef!


  • Donna A

    “What a great cause! Love, Donna”

  • Gary F

    “Nice to see you supporting this good cause (-:”

  • Anna S

    “Go Cory, go Cory! What a great cause! I admire you for all you do!!”

  • Bonnie G

    “Thanks for raising awareness Corrinne!”

  • Judy I

    “What a great endeavor! I wish I could give a lot more, as you are such an incredibly generous person! I hope this little bit helps! Thanks for doing this for our community!”

  • Corrinne F

    “I'm looking forward to joining the team to help prep and cook for the event. Are we in a homeless encampment where power and water is available? I'm down for whatever direction Chef says we are going!”

  • Olaf R

    “I’ll be sleeping in.”

  • Robert C

    “Keep up the good work, Dad & Joyce”