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ABOUT Under the Stars/WPB Downtown Neighborhood Association


  • Bob K

    “In honor of Larry Gold's 85th birthday”

  • Charles J

    “Kick it like judo!”

  • Marian R

    “Way to go Neda - homelessness is a problem everywhere in USA. It needs to be ended and you are doing the work. Thank you.”

  • Bernard S

    “Happy to support an organization that effectively provides resources to people in need.”

  • Mike D

    “Thank you Ralph, Mike, Jen & Jake”

  • Nancy K

    “So proud of your commitment to help others, Neda!”

  • Erin L

    “Happy to support this great cause Neda!”

  • Emily L

    “Always proud to support these endeavors! Great work, Neda. Love that big heart of yours.”

  • Roselyn Y

    “End homelessness! What A great cause! Thanks Raphael!”

  • Kathleen M

    “Help make a healthier, safer and cleaner town for all.”

  • Seth B

    “Keep up the good work for such a great cause!”