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  • GOAL




Donations made directly to Team FPL

$6,036 Raised


  • Kate S

    “I hope to join you next year, Bob!”

  • Grace K

    “Bob, Thank you for your continued devotion to this worthy cause.”

  • Mark P

    “Best of luck in reaching your goal Bob. Happy to support you and the Lords Place.”

  • Sean M

    “Thank you for your involvement in this organization, focusing on impacting the lives of people with housing challenges right in our back yard! I appreciate that The Lord's Place is very transparent about its financials and has a focus on effectiveness of donated funds being used to assist its clients. Their efforts appear to be thoughtfully supplemented by long-term planning elements such as a strategic plan. This makes me feel comfortable that my donations are being put to good use!”

  • Mark S

    “Thanks Bob for supporting such a great cause.”

  • Clare G

    “Hope you have a great event!”

  • Norma C

    “Hope you surpass your goal!”

  • James M

    “Good luck with this year's event! Thank you for all the work you do in our community.”

  • Jessica A

    “Good luck Bob! We miss you!”

  • Renae D

    “Always happy to support such a worthy cause!”

  • Angela C

    “Thank you!”

  • John B

    “Thanks Bob for your continued leadership in this great event!”

  • Steve S

    “Go get 'em, Bob!”

  • Heidi G

    “Best of luck Bob! Thanks for working so hard for this important cause!”

  • Bryan O

    “All the best for another great Sleepout event, stay warm!”

  • Christine S

    “Good luck Bob”