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  • GOAL


ABOUT Pursuit of Happyness


  • Aria W

    “Good luck and thank you for giving us an opportunity to contribute to this valuable cause! - APPEL-WUERTZ FAMILY”

  • Danielle S

    “God Bless the Lord's Place and their mission! Thank you Kate for your continued leadership and sticking your neck out!”

  • Kurt G

    “Thank you for all your work for this organization. Diana and her team did a great job tonight! Congratulations!”

  • Lonnie M

    “Congratulations on your continued support for this amazing organization. Thank you Kate for all you do for others.”

  • Alan B

    “Hi Kate! Hope everyone is healthy. Best, Alan”

  • Anna Maria S

    “Thank you for all you do Kate to Support the Lords Place and to everyone at the Lords Place for your tireless efforts to help the homeless.”


    “Love your passion and dedication Kate & Diana!”

  • Jordan G

    “Love to support you in this important mission. Thank you for all you do. We love you.”